It Was a Very Good First Year

Well, the year has passed us all by and the inaugural season of PNW Grand Tour is in the books! Based on the majority of the feedback I received, you all enjoyed the destinations as much as I did. This tour would not be successful without riders who enjoy seeing our beautiful roads in the PNW, so I thank you!

Just a little bit of housekeeping to finish up to completely close out this first year. Sitting on my kitchen table are finisher certificates for 81 riders waiting to have postage applied and get mailed out, hopefully Monday morning. I also have a little something extra for the riders who visited all 30 destinations – your packages will be mailed a few days later than everyone else’s.

I have plans moving ahead for next year’s rally. Basically the same format, maybe a few tweaks to reflect lessons learned and incorporate feedback from riders. This website is the place to get updates, so subscribe and get notified when I post new information. Some of the changes I plan for next year include:

  • I have been playing with a discussion board for us to use to discuss locations, ride plans, weather guesses or whatever else we want to discuss. I should be able to get it up and running before the next rally starts.
  • I want to provide the option to get a t-shirt with the tour logo on it next year. I am working on pricing and sourcing. It will be an additional charge and optional.
  • Let’s assume things calm down next year…I would love to host a get-together sometime mid-season to meet some of you. More to follow. The format is up for discussion – pay a little and have me provide food and drink, no payment and do something akin to a potluck, no food at all – I’d be interested to hear your ideas and preferences.
  • Some riders have asked about retaining their number for next year. I don’t think it will be an issue, just need to work out the minor complication.

And more minor improvements are planned. So, stay tuned, get your oil changed and new tires installed and join us for another fun-filled year of riding in 2022!

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  1. Elk Lake Resort: Great place for a burger and a brew on the patio. Lots of camp grounds nearby at the lakes. Boondocking can be done on some of the back roads. Tons of breweries in Bend if you are thirsty.

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