Registration for 2022 is open!

I managed to get my files set up early, so I decided to open registration earlier than I expected. The registration process is different for 2022 – I am using Ride Master to handle the records this time. Navigate over to the Rules & Registration page (link at top of website) and review the rules. If you are interested in participating, click the Register button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the correct page on Ride Master.

Cost for 2022 is $22. I am again asking for a totally optional donation tot he YMCA – it will show up as one of the fees in the registration process, and if you desire to donate, just select the amount and add it to your total. We raised over $1,750 last year through these donations and my local YMCA was very appreciative of our efforts!

If you are a returning rider from 2021 and register before February 28th, I will assign you the same number. If you are a new rider, your number won’t be assigned until early March.

Questions? Reach out to me using the Contact page on the website or e-mail me at

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